Indian kitchens have always been rich with their greatest kitchen tips and tricks. The old grannies who ran them may seem de-crepit and old fashioned to us, but their intelligence ran too high and their tips and tricks never was a fizzer.The younger generation still harvest the fruits from them..Here are a few of such tips...

  • To avoid bugs and moths from entering your bed,put a few black pepper seeds under your bed.

  • An easy way to remove stains from aluminium vessels!Boil some water in it with cut onions.

  • To make your brass vessels shine,rub them with news paper.

  • Clean your mirrors with hot water added with salt and tea leaves.They will shine.

  • To avoid stink in plastic containers,clean them once in a week with a spoon of salt and water.

  • Do not discard the water in which you washed your rice.Use it to clean your crystal vessels.They'l shine.

  • To remove rust stains from steel vessels,apply a little mustard oil and wipe with a white cloth.

  • To easily clean etched crystal vessels,wash them with water mixed with vinegar and soap and clean using a brush.

  • To remove stains from knives, rub it with a sliced onion and then wipe with clothe.

  • To avoid the bad odour in your blender,add a little soap powder with warm water to it and switch on.Wash it later with pure water.

  • While washing your thermal flask,pour warm saline water to it and keep for some time.Later on clean it.

  • To remove stains from clothes,boil them in water added with baking soda and a few lemon slices.

  • To remove rust stains from cloth,rub them with lemon juice mixed with salt.Then wash them in normal water.

  • To avoid ghee from becoming stale, add a few black pepper seeds in it.

  • You can avoid lentils from getting infested with fungus or bugs by adding three-four dried red chillies in the storage box.

  • When you make dough for chapattis,add a little baking powder and boiled milk.This will make your chapattis soft.

  • Does it take a lot of time to get your lentils cooked?Then add a little ghee to it while cooking,It will get cooked really fast and will have a nice odour.

  • To avoid your cake from becoming dry,put a piece of bread in the storage box.

  • To avoid ladies finger from wilting, cut both ends of it and store in a polythene bag.

  • You can avoid fish from sticking to the bottom of pan while frying by adding a little 'maida' to the hot oil and then fry fish.

  • If your vegetables decay soon while in storage,then put a thick clothe flat on the bottom of tray and arrange vegetables on top of it in the refrigerator.

  • Before you clean the gas burners with water apply a little olive oil or petroleum jelly over it. It wouldn't get rusted.

  • If you got rice which is sticky add a little gingelly oil to it while boiling.

  • To remove the skin of  tomato easily,put it first in hot water and then in cold water.

  • If you put a small bag of camphor in the vessel you store cereals,it wont be infested  with bugs.

  • To avoid rats,sprinkle a few crushed putina leaves over the infested area.

  • If there is excess salt in your curry add two cut raw tomatoes to it.It will become less salty.

  • If your place is infested by ants,sprinkle a little table salt over the infested areas.
  • While cleaning your mirror, wipe it with a damp clothe dipped in laundry blue.


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