Aug 5, 2010

Thenga Palappam(Sweet coconut roll)

          Musings about breakfast send me driving back to this..One of the simplest breakfast dishes you can ever make.No..Don't look down upon it.It would certainly raise your spirits up in a gloomy morning.A pretty one in the 'appam' category with its lacy texture and sweety core..

          At college hostel,we used to call it 'Love letter'...may be b'coz it is covered up and filled with sugar and coconut, like the sweet lovey dovey words in a love letter.I think it was one of my seniors who named it and I have always adored her great sense of humor.
          May be what they say is right.."The way to your husband's heart is through his mouth".You must try it out some time with dishes like this.But don't ask me,"Aren't you aiming a little too high?" :)

          Now, back to the recipe.There is not much to say as ingredients.All you need is:
               2 cups whole wheat powder
               4 cups of water
               1/2 cup of grated coconut
               3 tbsp oil
               Sugar to taste
               Salt to taste


                 Mix together the wheat powder and water, until no lumps are left. The batter should not be very thick. Add salt as needed.With a deep ladle,pour the batter on a heated and oiled frying pan in medium flame. Cover it with a lid and reduce the flame. When it is cooked, put 2 tablespoons of grated coconut in its center and add sugar to it. Now roll it using a spatula and transfer to a plate. Pour another ladle of batter and go on with the process until all the batter is used up. Serve with tea or coffee.


  1. I love palappam! Should really try to make one for myself! Thanks for the recipes! :)

  2. Nattie, u r most welcome.. do visit again



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