Jul 30, 2014

Chocolate Mousse


                 In the month of Ramadan, I was busy like a bee. Of course I missed the blogosphere, entirely. Now, I have to begin from the beginning all over again. To add to the no blogging month, here comes the next. I am going to India for a month's vacation, and blogging rarely comes in the list of priorities during this time. So yes! you would probably see the space stagnant for another month. So, In between, I thought of posting this one dessert which is in fact enough for a months duration of devouring. Yep! You would most probably make it again n again, even if your are not much of a chocolate lover.

    So, how do I explain this 'must have once in a while dessert', in simple terms?

               It is decadent, sinful
                              Obviously flavourful..
               Made to win, make u fall in love
                               Head over heels, LOL!!
               Creamy, silky, bittersweet
                               What more?It's chocolate.
               So get to work. Whip it up
                                You are gonna lick it up!

Actually I took the pictures a few months back when I had made it the third time. It was so creamy and had a 'melt in the mouth' kinda texture that the kids called it 'chocolate ice cream which was not that cold' :)
Here is the recipe...

Jun 25, 2014

Apple Sauce

                                The temperature has quickly climbed up here and it's not so easy to go for a walk in the park anymore. The weather is so horribly hot and humid that your dress cling to your body whenever you are in the open. Still, we adults are helpless when it comes to pacifying the toddler tantrums. Even if the climate sucks, the boys never seem to mind. They insist to be taken to the park now and again whatsoever.

                                To add up to everything, there is the not so popular dust winds in the middle east which is more frequent in our parts of the world. It not only causes discomfort due to dust but also bring in diseases. The dust winds are the most frequent carriers of seasonal diseases. So the kids get struck by some kind of illness whenever they are accidentally exposed to such dust storms.

                                The daughter for instance was down with a stomach bug a few weeks back and she had moderate diarrhoea. All I did was try to boost her immunity with healthy diet and food supplements. She was put on BRATY diet which consists of Banana,Rice water(kanji vellam), Apple sauce,Toast and Yogurt,  and MashaAllah she was back to normal in a few days time.

                                So this post is about how to make the apple sauce, which is quite simple and very handy when you have infants or toddlers around. Not only is  it a great nourishing food, it also helps to eliminate diarrhoea by making the stools thicker and less watery. If  you make a big batch and store it in an air tight container in the fridge; it stays for 3 to 4 days without getting spoiled. It can also be used in cakes, biscuits, macaroons etc which adds a great flavour. On to the recipe...

Jun 16, 2014

Muringakka Chemmeen Curry/ Prawn Drumstick Curry

                     Organising things in a very limited time is a challenge in itself. It is what I do from dawn to dusk everyday since so many years. I have no doubt that it is what every mom do in their life to a great extend. Did you think it a joke, when they said 'the job of a mom is the busiest job in the world'? Well.. It's not. Not a joke I mean.

                     When you think about the things you ought to do, it flashes in front of you like a fast winded movie. Sometimes something just get missed or get pushed off for another time. The most important things come to the forefront and the less important things go to the back. So that's how you manage it. Giving priorities..

                   Recently blogging is not in the for front of priorities. There are lot of more important things to do; to get finished off before Ramadan, before the starting of the much anticipated vacation at homeland. So I have not been very active in the cooking, baking and photographing arena, recently. I am back here to post a recipe which was made and photographed a while back, to get the blog rolling  again ;)
                So here is the recipe of muringakka chemmen curry, a Kerala delicacy which is quite easy to make. This is one of the simplest curry preparations using prawns and it is uniquely delicious with the addition of drumsticks in it. The combination makes a fantastic outcome, as far as flavour is concerned.

Here is the recipe..

Jun 5, 2014

Cream of Mushroom Soup

        Soups have always been a winner at my household. It is the easiest way to sneak in veggies into the kids. As they are easy to prepare with no much intriguing techniques, it is one of the frequently made dishes at home. Whenever I am in no mood for an elaborate cooking session I always prefer soups for dinner. Mmm...yummy and healthy dinner in no time! Perfect for busy moms like me;). This time I am sharing with you the recipe of Cream of Mushroom soup, loaded with Calcium and Vitamins.
 Here is the recipe...

May 29, 2014

Kaya Pola/ Mutta Marichathu - Plantain Egg Cake

              Ramadan is around the corner and it's time to post some Ifthar dishes. Kayappola is an Ifthar dish from Malabar, which you can easily make with in a short span of time. No much plannings and preparations needed. Everything could be whipped up in a few minutes if you have ripe plantains and eggs at hand. And it only takes about twenty minutes in low heat on the stove top to get it done (Did I mention that you actually don't need an oven to prepare it?) Yep! All  you need is a stove and a sauce pan.. Go ahead, and make it today.. As it contains plantains and eggs, it's good for kids . They would love this soft n flavourful cake.Good to make as a tea time snack for kids.

Here you go...


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