Sep 27, 2010

The Evolution

                  While at home, in my homeland, it is fun tracking the cooking careers of my kith and kin.Some have evolved from amateur cooks to utter professionals..some have found better meanings to their cooking saga..still some have stood stagnant in their culinary skills unable to balance between cooking and other more important chores they have..It was my younger sister in law Shebi, who left me spell bound with her cooking advancements.She had come to her in laws with nothing on her plate, like all of us, but has improved dramatically.The fact that she got more time to be with our mother in law, who is a great cook, would have served as the stepping stone..She has a lot of quick to cook dessert recipes with her and this is one of them...Caramel Banana Pudding.When she transferred it to the serving plate, I couldn't help taking its pictures, coz it looked awesome..

          Caramel Banana Pudding

Things you need:

1/2 Lr milk
6 eggs
1 cup of sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
2 ripe plantains sliced thinly
10-15 dates seeded and sliced
3 tbsp ghee
3 tbsp custard powder

For caramel syrup:

1/2 cup of sugar
1/4 cup of water

Cherries for decoration


                Blend together the milk,eggs,custard powder and sugar with a whisk and keep aside.Cut the ripe plantains to small pieces and saute in heated ghee until brown. Seed the dates and slice to small pieces and saute in ghee after plantains.Add this to the milk egg mixture.Now add vanilla essence to it.

Caramel Syrup: Heat a thick bottomed pan and add sugar to it.Stir continuously till brown and add water to it.Stir well and keep aside after it boils.

                  Grease a baking dish with ghee or butter and pour the caramel syrup to it.Now, pour the pudding mixture and taking care not to tilt the dish, keep it in a vessel containing water and cook in medium heat, cowering the vessel, for half an hour.Check by inserting a bamboo skewer in the middle of the pudding, and if it comes out clean, pudding is done.Switch off burner and allow to cool.After cooling, transfer it to a plate carefully detaching the sides first.Decorate with cherries and serve after cooling.
                             Recipe by: Shebini Hejas                                 


  1. Boy am I hungry now and I want pudding but since I have a very bad cold this better sit it the back burner till I can sink my teeth (nay myself ) in this pudding!
    Lovely pudding and great photography!



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