Oct 10, 2010

Chicken fried rice

                     Like childhood days, I am still obsessed with Chinese.. I mean their food...  They have a way with simple foods. Have always wondered, how such simply prepared goodies could be that yummy...! Sounds far away from logic. right? Yet once you try them out, you get hooked! 

                     And they have those fantastic sauces which leaves each dish deliciously different from the other. Yum Yum!! Think about the Oyster sauce or Fish sauce or the universal Soy sauce. Recently I have got into this wacky habit of adding one of it simply to even stir fried veggies and LOL... suddenly you are "such a gifted cook...anything you prepare is finger licking good"... Wink ;)

                     So what about the 'fav' lists? Fried rice certainly beats others. Think about the preparation.. 'Stir fry everything.. mix them up..' it's that easy.. Wow! Have it for lunch with some Indo-chinese side dishes like Chicken Shezwan or Gobi manjurian... It's real bliss!
                     Fried rice recipe? Here you are...

Chicken fried rice

Serves 3-4
Things you need:

Basmathi rice or any long grain rice   -  3 cups
Water               -     6 cups
Vegetable oil     -    1/2 cup
Chicken breast   -     500g, cut into small rectangular pieces
Egg                  -     2
Carrot               -    1, diced into small pieces
Cabbage           -     1 cup, diced thinly
Green pepper     -     1 , diced into small pieces
Garlic                -     2 cloves, diced into small pieces
Spring onion       -    2 stalks ,diced
Celery               -    1/2 stalk, diced thinly
Salt to taste
White pepper powder  
Soy sauce (optional)


            Cook the rice with water and adequate salt and keep aside.You can add 1 table spoon of oil into the water while cooking to keep the rice from sticking. Now heat a medium sized wok or frying pan and 1 tbsp of oil. Saute the garlic and transfer to a large wok. Add more oil to the frying pan and saute the chicken adding adequate salt and sprinkling a little pepper powder, until well cooked.Transfer it into the large wok. In the same frying pan scramble the eggs adding adequate salt and pepper powder and transfer to the large wok. Then saute the vegetables one by one adding salt and pepper powder and transfer to the large wok. Finally saute the cooked rice in little oil and pour over the vegetables in the wok. Mix every thing well until evenly distributed. Add soy sauce if needed. I usually doesn't add soy sauce to rice because it dulls the white colour of rice. I prepare it separately by adding equal amounts of soy sauce, vinegar and water added with adequate salt and garnished with sliced green chillies. This is kept in small bowls to be used with the rice as desired.


  1. The way u have explain it will be very easy to prepare the fried rice. Thanks for sharing the recipe

  2. Fried Rice is a dish for me that i cant be full with it.abstractly I can assume your recipe that sure it have good taste when i go for practically.and very well executed the recipe thanks for sharing the recipe.



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