Nov 18, 2010

Eid Celebration and the Garden Barbecue

             It was Eid-Al -Ad'ha... another reason to celebrate.. Belated 'Eid Mubarak' to all my readers. 

             Well I was too busy to post anything on Eid. The celebration started with going to the 'Eid gah' or Eid gathering in open air where we performed the Eid prayer..., met family and friends and exchanged greetings... Then there was the  ritual slaughtering  of goat in memory of the sacrificial mind of the great forefather and Prophet, Ibrahim(A)... later on visiting friends and family..

            It was on the second day we went for barbecuing with friends to a public garden.. The climate was pleasant and the night was beautiful... It was real fun barbecuing in the garden with all the chatters and delicious smell of cooked meat coming up..The event was decided in haste and we didn't have ample time to marinate the meat. I had loads of mutton in my freezer from the Eid slaughtering and so I took some marinated mutton and my friends brought chicken.. So the menu was diverse. We ate them with pita bread and home made middle eastern garlic sauce or Thoom, the recipe of which I had posted earlier. Unlike usual, we women decided to do the bbq grilling. Here are some pics from the grilling..

The marinated mutton ready to get on to bbq.. It was a simple marinade with ginger garlic paste, ground green chillies, lemon juice and salt. I couldn't risk losing time on cutting em to smaller pieces.. that's why it looks a little weird.. :)

Lighting the coal..

The chicken to be cooked and the half cooked mutton

                                                     chicken and mutton are almost done..

                                            ....the cooked chicken ready to be eaten

By the time everything was cooked, everybody had gone loony with hunger... So, do I need to say the food vanished into thin air, the moment it was transferred to the serving plate? :) No wonder they say, 'hunger is the best taste maker'... grilled chicken and grilled mutton had never tasted this yum before..

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