Dec 16, 2010

A visit to the Fish market and a Traditional Fish fry

         Yesterday we went fish shopping after a long week of having to do without fish. It was chicken, then egg, then vegetables, again chicken... and everybody just got pissed off. Ours is a fish loving family and we would trade any other food for a delicious fish dish. Weather here is notoriously fickle and we had to postpone our purchase last week due to the same, playing its little bad games again. Buying seafood from restaurants is too costly here. You could easily buy a whole chicken roasted or grilled with half the price of six very thin and famished prawns, fried or grilled. So it is wiser to prepare fish at home and eat to your fill..

        Buying fish from Kuwait market is something like a luxurious experience for expats like me... When I say, 'we went fish shopping', it is more like going window shopping through a posh boutique. You would be stunned by the majestic building at its sea front location with all its glory and a person new to this place would just have to gasp, when comprehension sinks in... that, it is after all a fish market.

                           Al-Kooth fish market with a huge shopping mall nearby

        I clearly remember the first time I went there. When we took the first turn and the glorious building towered in front of our view, I asked my husband, "Well, you said we were going to the fish market.. Is it behind this fort?" and he started laughing.. "This fort is the fish market" he replied and I didn't believe him until I put my foot inside into a hub full of the bargaining buzz and activity. Though there was the fishy smell, it was even more beautiful inside elegantly decorated with lovely blue ceramic mosaics and impeccably clean. We pottled along to get an eyeful of everything amidst a sea of fishes.. It was buzzing with activity. The vendors calling out their prices, people moving around to select their fish and some bargaining their day away.. Those who want live fishes even have them in large water tanks, flapping around merrily  not knowing they are displayed for sale... I was astonished to find ladies who had come to buy fish with babies bubbling up in their strollers.        

                                          Entrance to the fish market

                                      Lanterns at the entrance and inside!

                                     Beautiful lanterns outside the building at night

                                     Auction area inside the fish market

                                            Fishes for sale

          We bought some fresh pomfrets, mackerels and prawns. I had a mind to buy numerous other fishes too because they looked so damn good and shiny.. but had to resist my temptation for the lack of space in our freezer. So I thought I would fry some shrimps in the traditional way while it is still fresh. Nadan shrimp fry is an all time favourite... and my better half never gets wary of eating them.. Here is the recipe..

Nadan Chemmen fry / Spicy Malabar Prawn fry

Things you need:

Fresh prawns, scaled and cleaned   -  1 kg
ginger, ground                                 -  1 tsp
Garlic, ground                                 -  1 tsp
Turmeric powder                            -   1/2 tsp
Red chilli powder                            -  1 & 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder                           -   2 tsp
Fennel seed powder                        -   1/2 tsp
Lemon juice                                    -   of  a lemon
Curry leaves                                    -  a sprig
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil


      Marinate the shrimps with all the ingredients and cook in a pan on medium heat.  No need to add water to it as it oozes out a lot of water while getting cooked. Remove from heat when the water dries up. Heat oil in a frying pan and deep fry the shrimps until done. When almost done sprinkle curry leaves over it and remove from oil and drain on a kitchen tissue. Serve hot with rice.


  1. Wwow...Awesome clicks and a very good simple recipe

  2. Thanks for taking me in a trip to that wonderful market....I love it!!.......Abrazotes, Marcela

  3. Wow, gorgeous prawns!!! And the pictures are so amazing :D

  4. really, is that a fish market! :-) Such a nice construction... ur shrimp fry looks awesome!

  5. It doesn't look like a fish market at all. So lovely.

  6. Fish market looks so clean and tidy.. Yummy prawn fry...slurp..i am feeling hungry.

  7. Omg, cant believe its fish market, very beautiful constructions, btw fingerlicking prawn fry..

  8. What a beautiful place to buy fish... Looks mouthwatering and delicious....

  9. looks awesome and tempting....

  10. what a glamorous looking fish market :)..
    fish being my most fav food...good thing I am off to kerala for christmas..otherwise I would have drooled and drooled over here to death :)
    Lovely Post, dearie!

  11. looks like u had a lot of fun! enjoyed reading the nice and informative post with a gr8 recipe to follow :) I have a sweet surprise waiting for u on my blog:

  12. Awesome fish market..finger licking prawns fry, yummy yum.

  13. I guess that changes my concept of a fish market ..beautiful place!
    Your shrimp looks spicy with perfect coloring!

    US Masala

  14. what a beautiful place you have here...lovely recipe and my fav Kerala food.
    the fish market is a gorgeous place...never have seen such market. the lanterns are so good. the prawns look delicious.

  15. beautiful fish market,very good clicks...
    Prawn fry looks superb and delicious.

  16. What a great, simple recipe! I wish we had a beautiful fish market like that around here!

  17. Is it Fish market?? Unless you tell, others cant identify...lovely click

  18. Such incredible buildings! Now following, it will be fun to see glimpses of your country and review the wonderful recipes you make. Have a great day, Melynda

  19. both the pictures of the fish market and prawn fry look absolutely stunning!....yum yum!

  20. Wow, that's a nice market! Not a place I'd associate with fish :o) Your prawn dish looks wonderful. I love spicy foods!



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