Aug 14, 2011

Thenga Choru / Coconut rice – A Malabar Approach

         Traditional dishes have always had a place in the heart of a Malabari in Ramadan. It is one of the times when the old and forgotten dishes find their way back to the dining tables. Far back in our grannies era, before the biriyani started its reign in the Malabar muslim kitchen,   Thenga choru was the king and queen of special occasions (so says my granny). There would inevitably be a beef curry to go with it.

      The simplicity to prepare and the distinguished flavor of this simply delicious rice made me wonder why people don’t prepare it very often. May be coconut is not as abundant as it used to be. Coconut rice has a lot of variations in different regions. This is the northern Kerala variation which is mainly made in the Malappuram side..

Let’s go to the recipe right away…….
Things you need:

   for about 6 people

Par boiled rice                           -   4 cups
Pearl onions / Shallots, sliced     -   10 to 15
Fenugreek seeds                       -    2 tsp
Fresh grated coconut                 -    3 cups
Ani seeds                                  -    2 tsp (optional)
Water                                       -    9 cups
Salt to taste


    Mix all the ingredients in a vessel except water and salt and kneed well with your hands. Add water and allow to boil. After the mixture starts to boil add adequate salt. Then simmer the  heat and allow the rice to cook slowly by closing the vessel with a lid. It can also be cooked in a pressure cooker.Cooking in pressure cooker requires less water. You can reduce about one cup of water. Different type of rice requires different quantity of water. Before preparing the rice try to be familiar with the cereal you have so that you can decide how much water is needed. Thenga choru can also be made with basmathi or jeera rice. When the water dries up completely and the rice is well cooked, remove from heat. Serve hot with beef or chicken curry, coconut chutney and papad. 


  1. Wow wat a tempting clicks,makes me hungry now...

  2. Tempting! Lovely pics.

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  3. Super delicious flavourful rice,my fav..

  4. Simple and flavorful rice. Looks yum

  5. nice recipe there for coconut rice!

  6. WOnderful click..And a flavourful platter..

  7. Anytime comforting variety rice

  8. ohh ...first time to cooking field....prepared thenga choru but thenga idaan marannu........

  9. I prepared tht yesterday.. though it was not yummy as my grandmother's thenga choru ,it was good. ;)



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