Apr 21, 2012

Avocado Smoothie

          Juices and smoothies are in vogue now. As the temperature starts climbing again after a stagnant state at low, thirst quenchers and cool drinks are in favour again. Simple iced drinks to nourishing and energising smoothies has begun hitting the screens of blogs recently.

           When I was in college, I used to visit a nearby cool bar with friends amidst tiring and boring sessions of OP on my internship. The drinks which always cooled our souls were Avocado smoothie (which was called Butter shake there) and Chickoo shake. It had such a soothing cooling impact on our body and soul that, I feel a sense of hugging coldness in my throat whenever I think about those super yummy milk shakes.
Needless to say we were frequent customers at that tiny, crappy coolbar.

            Those milk shakes were made with frozen milk cubes which were smashed with a hammer like thing and blended with fruits. They were too cold and we felt like it froze our food pipe on its way down. And more often we felt difficulty to talk with numb tongues just like after eating super cold ice creams. Yet it was a pleasure and we never stoped visiting the cool bar for those ultra cold thick milk shakes and smoothies.

           Lately Avocados have hit the market from different parts of the world and there are lot of varieties to choose from like US, Kenyan, SriLankan etc.. We take our share of Avocados every week and mostly use it for smoothies. Avocado smoothie is a favourite in my place and I make it the way we used to get it from the coolbar, but I don't use frozen milk. Instead I use plain milk and ice cubes. Here is how it is....

Avocado Smoothie Recipe:

(Yields 4 cups)

Things you need:

1 ripe Avocado
2 cups milk (full fat or low fat)
1 cup ice cubes
Sugar or honey to taste
Mint leaves(optional), to garnish


  1.     Check the Avocado for ripeness. It should yield slightly to touch but should not pit excessively. If not properly ripe it would be rigid to touch and taste kind of bitter. Now cut the avocados horizontally and remove the seed.

2.    Scrape the flesh with a spoon into the blender and discard the skin. Now add the remaining ingredients and blend in a blender until thick and with out lumps.
3.   Pour it to tall glasses and garnish with mint leaves or avocado slices. Serve.


  1. nice!have never tasted an avocado smoothie before.....it looks real good..so i better remedy my state of affairs!

  2. Super delicious smoothie,love it.

  3. avocado is very nutritional...used to have milkshake of it....love the colour

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