Feb 19, 2014

Mint Lemonade

“Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!”
― Catherine Hapka

         I doubt if there would be anyone in the world who haven't had a lemonade in his or her life. In fact it is one of the universal drinks which you could find anywhere on earth. And yes! There is nothing more refreshing than a fresh lemonade..

         While in college, we used to have compulsory social service camps under National Service Scheme(NSS). We used to make roads, clean the water resources and do everything we could to help people in remote villages, as part of these NSS camps. And the one thing which hangs in my memory about these camps were the refreshing lemonades which were served in between the works, apart from the joy of working together, enjoying everyday of hard work and at last seeing the fruits of our labour and the smiles on the villagers' faces. It was overwhelming and fulfilling to know that you had actually did something for the unprivileged which is going to be useful for them for a long time.

              You never know how much we had counted on those lemonades to refresh us and how much it did. When you are literally tired, exhausted and thirsty, there is nothing more refreshing than a fresh lemonade. So whenever I feel tired nowadays, after the house chores, I always find time to make a fresh lemonade and the kids too love it. I usually add mint leaves in it. The flavour of mint blends well and compliments it that you hardly know if it's the mint flavour or lemon flavour you are enjoying in the drink.

    Here is my simple recipe for Mint Lemonade..

(yields 4to 5 glasses of lemonade)

1 lemon washed and cut into quarter pieces
1 to 2 cups white sugar
4 glasses of chilled water
3 to 4 sprigs of mint leaves/putina


 Blend the water and sugar in a blender until the sugar is well dissolved. Add lemon and mint to it and blend on high for 10 to 15 seconds. Pour into individual glasses through a sieve. Decorate with lemon slices and mint leaves and serve immediately.



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