Dec 2, 2014

Something different

            These days I hardly get time to blog. Was busy with some sewing projects and other stuffs. It's already winter here and there are lots of winter dresses on the list. As the light is poor in winter I seldom get enough light to photograph the recipes I try out. So no new recipes to post. But still, I shall post the already photographed recipes in future, InshaAllah as time permits. As for now, let me show you a few of my finished sewing projects..

Bubble pocket Romber for my little girl

This was in my 'to do' list for so long and at last I accomplished the task. Forgot to take picture before washing.. and hence all those creases ;)

Ruffle skirt for the li'le princess

                                                                              Ain't it Cute?

 Pillow Case Dress

This was one of the first dresses I made.. So EASY!! Cute to wear with little leggings or pants.

              So that's it, for today. See you soon, InshaAllah. Bye :)


  1. I loved that first one!!! That is really so cute... I never got interested in stitching, maybe it's because of lack of time and patience! I am surprised that I am cooking... hehe... do miss your posts, do keep it coming whenever time permits... :)



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