Jul 23, 2010

We Live to Eat

                             Food is all
                         Isn't pretty small
                    You cannot, do without at all

     This was the slogan, most of us followed when we were in college. The theory was in our systems right from our entrance coaching days, when we were in hostels then too. When somebody's family brought food from home sympathising with our plight, we used to make that our celebration day, and then was our 'grand feast' really! There was no inhibitions and embarrassments while helping ourselves to the end of it all.

     There was an open air indoor garden in the midst of our hostel, which was made in the traditional 'Nalukettu' architecture. If you stand here and look around, you can see each and every rooms of the hostel, spread in three vast floors. This was the place from where you would shout your lungs out to inform everybody that there is something to gulp down your throat in your room, most probably parcelled from home.

     No matter how scientifically you calculate the time taken by my sound to reach their ears and the velocity with which their legs carry them to my room, my pals always reached my room to fill it in seconds and the attendance would always be full whatsoever.

      What follows is the documentary "Hungry Somalians", when at the end of the chaos nobody coming from outside would get a hint of what actually the food was.(There where even 'bone eaters' in our gang :))  We enjoyed each and every seconds of our devouring and each jests and jokes we exchanged.


  1. hi fez
    nice. really.
    will def try some.
    still cant believe it :)
    now follow my blog!

  2. hi sreej, thanks for your commend.. i'l definitly hav a look at your's

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