Oct 18, 2010


                    Yet another beautiful snack from Malabar. As the name implies, it is made with an 'achu' or mould which gives it the pretty floral pattern. The mould used to be traditionally made by the local blacksmiths. Now adays it is available in shops of Kerala. Women of wisdom say it should be made of wrought iron  or brass and must be a bit heavy. The lighter ones tend to make the Achappam stick to them while frying. So... Are they as delicious as they look? Mmm.. they are chipsy crispy yummy. A real treat for sweet snack lovers..
 Here is the recipe...

Things you need:
Raw rice flour(should be very fine) -  4 cups
All purpose flour(maida)                -  3 tbsp
Egg                            -           1 whole
Thin coconut milk       -           4 cups
Thick coconut milk     -           1 cup
Sugar                         -            as needed
Black cumin seeds( karimjeerakam) - 1 tbsp
Salt                            -           a pinch

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly in a deep vessel, to form a uniform batter with no lumps. The batter should have the consistency of  dosa batter, or even thinner. Heat oil in a wok or katai and dip the mould in it, holding its wooden handle levelly. When the mould becomes desirably hot,(it should not be too hot. This makes the flour stick to it) dip it in the batter up to the top. The top side of the mould should not be immersed in the batter because it makes the batter difficult to be separated while dipping in the hot oil. Now carefully dip the mould into the heated oil, keep it for a few seconds and then shake it slowly. This will detach the cooked batter from the mould. When the achappam becomes golden in colour take it out from the oil and drain. Again dip the desirably heated mould in the batter and continue making the snack until all the batter is used up. Transfer the snack into an air tight container and can be used as needed.

1 comment:

  1. Achappam is our family favourite! I don't have the achu(nobody in our family have one!:))

    Perfect Achappam! yum,yum!! :P



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