Oct 17, 2010

Leek Soup

          The hotness has gone from the days. It's no longer muggy in the evenings... Feels good to be in a soothing climate... to comfortably cook and dream with my mind's outpourings...

           Looks like the summer has gone for good. It's already a bit cold at nights and for our air conditioner, the 'off days' has started. It left me thinking about comfort foods. Well, are there any, more comfy than soups? Mmm.. a hot soup on a cold evening is something you call' homely' or 'pure bliss'...
            I thought of making chicken soup... but later I had better ideas. Let it wait for the more colder days. As Ayurveda says, chicken comes in the 'hot food' variety, and is better to have in colder climates..You may be wondering how chicken becomes hot, even if no hot spices are added? Well, Ayurveda has a concept called 'vipaka',which deals with the transformation of food after entering the body.It brings to light, the true colour of food which you have consumed... ie) the property of the food before you consume it could be entirely different from that after the digestion... Haven't you felt hot and sweaty at night when you have slept after a meal of chicken? Well, am I boring you with my Ayurvedic 'know how'?s. Let it rest for a while.. Back to the soup.. How about Leek soup, which is completely vegetarian? Very simple to prepare but unequivocally relishable...

               Leek is a vegetable which comes in the onion family. It looks like a bigger version of green onions and taste some what like green onion, but is more mild in flavour..The lower portion up to the dark green part is used for food. It is used as a vegetable in many countries and is the national vegetable of Wales( this knowledge was new to me.. Wikipedia my guru :) ) If you want to know more about leeks or it's nutritional value, click here.

                             Coming to the recipe...
Things you need:

Leeks, sliced into small pieces  -   2 cups
Onion(preferably white) sliced into small pieces    - 1 cup
Butter      -  1 tbsp
Water      -  2 cups
Salt as required
Black pepper powder  -  1/2 tsp
Milk       -   1 cup


         Heat a wok and add butter to it. Add leeks and onions and saute until tender. Add water and salt and cook for about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool down. Then blend it in a blender and pour this to a heated wok through a sieve. Add milk and pepper powder. Adjust the salt and serve hot.

     Sending this to Dr. Sameena Prathab's Soup event

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